Drupal Commerce at Drupal Business Days Frankfurt

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 16:52 -

Greg Beuthin speaker at Drupal Business Days Frankfurt

Greg Beuthin Sperker at Drupal Business Day 05/19/2017Commerce Guy Greg Beuthin (smokinggoat) will be giving a talk at this year’s Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt: Drupal Commerce in Drupal 8 - What do I need to know?

Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8 is in its final stages of development before the formal Release Candidate, but it’s already been used to launch half a dozen sites, including Obermeyer, Liveperson, Orlo Watches and Interflora.

The ground work has been laid but new functionalities are evolving very fast. Just this week the full tax framework - including all appropriate tax rates for the EU - was finalised in code, and will be committed in the next release.

In this fast-moving context, Greg’s presentation at Drupal Business Days aims to give business leaders, decision makers and major stakeholders a clear view of the project status and what you can accomplish with this new version of Drupal Commerce.

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We hope to see you at Drupal Business Days, on the 19th of May!